Father’s Day

Today’s post is a tribute to my husband- one of the best dads I know!

When I was pregnant with our first child, I had to have surgery about 20 weeks in. They had no beds in my room after my surgery, so he slept outside in the lobby and came running in every time he heard nurses or doctors talking.

He worked tirelessly to let me stay at home with the kids. Our first child was not a happy baby. He would come home from construction work all day to watch our crying son so that I could work part time and stay up on my math teacher skills. 

He drove me 2 1/2 hours to a specialist on his days off when we found out we were having twins. He was with me during that surgery. 

He woke up to do feedings and diaper changes, knowing full well he had to wake up earlier than me. He did it to give me a break. 

After working all day, he will sometimes cook, play, read to, help with homework, work on the car or house, or even help with housework. He is selfless- he has let me choose where to eat out more times than he probably wanted to! He still listens when I have had a bad day and need a good cry. He listens to the kids’ hopes and dreams. He encourages us all to do our best. And his jokes make us all laugh- it instantly makes my day better!

He packed up and moved us because of a job opportunity for me. Not many men would do this. He didn’t have a job at that time. He drove 4 hours one way each weekend to be with us until he got a job 4 weeks later. That time apart was the first time we were apart since we were married. It made me really realize how blessed I am when he is around. 

He put off his passions and dreams, taking jobs that were hard and not what he wanted to do, just to provide for us. 

He loves the kids so much that he is willing to take time to train them. He takes the time to talk to each kid. He is not afraid of discipline, he knows the end result is a trained child. 

He loves God, and it shows. He demonstrates God’s love to me and the kids, and I am eternally grateful. When we were dating, I could clearly see what kind of dad he would be, and that is one of the reasons it was so easy for me to fall in love with him. His spiritual guidance is the #1 reason why I am glad I married him.

So, Daniel, this post is for you. Thanks for loving me and being a great dad. I hope someone reads this and is inspired to be a better dad because of your example. I know 4 kids who are better because of your example, for sure! Happy Father’s Day!Image