Knowing fiercely (a repost from my facebook page in 2010)

This is a repost from my facebook page from back in 2010. It isn’t really about parenting as much as how parenting has helped me see God a little better! Enjoy!


I had something scary happen a few weeks ago. My 5 yr old is not know for paying much attention. We laugh, saying he is just like Daddy. He will wander up to some lady with the same type of hair as mine and pull on her shirt. I usually have to call him before he realizes he’s got the wrong lady! 
Well, the other day we were at Disney. The kids know they are supposed to stay right by us. We had just got off of ‘Small World’ and Daniel and I were trying to get the strollers set up (we have to take 2!). I told Jadon to come over to us and saw him starting to walk. When I looked again, he wasn’t there. I asked Daniel if he saw him, and he didn’t. I was absolutely terrified! The place was packed. I started screaming his name (and I have a LOUD voice). He was not within earshot- this is not good! I grab the 3 other kids and start looking and Daniel runs out into the crowd. A few minutes pass (and lots of prayer prayed!) and Daniel comes back, holding Jadon’s hand. My heart can beat again! Why was he lost? He followed the ‘wrong mom’. 
Wow. This reminds me of our spiritual life. There is no way I would mistakenly follow another boy thinking it was Jadon. Why? I know him fiercely. I know not only what he looks like, but his little habits, and even the way his little brain works. I can almost guess what he is going to do. But he will follow any lady with dark hair. He lives with me and talks with me. Why doesn’t he know me as well as I know him? I am responsible for him. This is just like with God and us. God knows us fiercely, but we don’t always know Him that well. We follow what looks like Him, only to realize we followed the wrong person. It is scary to realize you are lost, but just like Daniel and me, God is fiercely looking for you. Pursuing you. Wanting you to realize that you are not following the right Person. I’m glad He knows me fiercely. And I hope to know Him fiercely enough to not lose sight of Him.